Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kerby Kids

This is a friend of mines kids. I am absolutely in love with these last pics of Will. Doesn't he just look like trouble with a capitol T. I love him and all these cute kids. The thing about it being so cold outside is super quick photo shoots. We just have to get them done as quick as we can. I am definitely looking forward to spring!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chandler & Bree

This was such a fun and laid back shoot! I forget how it is to shoot adults or teens when I am so use to just shooting kids and babies (not that I don't love chasing little ones around).
Chandler is getting ready to go on a Mission and I was lucky enough to take his pics. We also got some great ones of his sister Bree, who I am sure will miss her brother so much!
There was so many pics to choose from and even though we were freezing - they did such a good job of acting like it was so warm. Thanks guys I love these pics!

Addie Joe

Oh I have been the biggest slacker with my posting!!! In all fairness to me - I have had a crazy busy month and was able to go to Hawaii for a week. There for I am way behind on my posting. But I had to put a few pics of my little Addie. She is pretty much my own kid and I was so excited to take these baptism pics of her. She was so excited to get all dressed up and get her pics taken and I am so glad that I was the one to do it for her. I love this kid so much if I am ever down and I see Addie she is sure to run up and give me a hug and is the MOST excited kid to see me. I love it!!! She is so special and I am so proud of her for getting baptized. Way to go Adds I love ya!