Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scotlyn Ryan Speirs

I think this is the longest post EvEr! But really how do you choose when you have this little baby. I have to say that Scotlyn gets the AwARd for the BEST baby so far. She didn't sleep until the very end but she was the most content baby I have ever had. No matter what we would do to her she just didn't care. I know that Cami is going to kill me because I posted so many pics with her in them but I couldn't help it. These just turned out so good and I love pics of little babies with there moms. There is just something so sweet about it. After I took these pics I just kept smiling all day thinking about this sweet little baby. She was just so happy and we are so happy she is here and healthy! We love you Scotlyn. If you couldn't tell she is one of my best friends babies so I have to brag - right?

Peterson Family

This was for sure the COLDEST shoot I have ever done. I was dying... Part of this family lives in Kansas so we literally had one day to get there pics done and it was the coldest day of the year! So we tuffed it out and got some awesome shots. It was so funny because everything was iced over so places that I usually have them sit were just covered with a sheet of ice. When I was editing these I was so happy with how they turned out because I honestly thought there was going to be ice coming off of them. So thanks guys for stickin this out I think it was worth it! (after we all thawed out)

Olsen grandkids

This could have been one of my most challenging projects yet. These kids are all heavenly and were all dressed so cute but there was so many different ages and it was hard because I had babies that couldn't sit or hold heads up. Trying to get everyone together can be hard, but I honestly love how some of these turned out such a fun thing to get all the grandkids together. Thanks guys!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jake & Hailey

So I know you are all wondering how far apart these guys are? Well they are twins. They were so cute & full of it. I love watching twins I don't know what about it that fascinates me so much but it does. I am in love with both of there big eyes so beautiful!